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Electronic Music Forever

Passionate about #electronicmusic, technology and art. Skilled with machines and sound.
Animal from Radio and TV.
I like music, science, electronics, informatics, sound and almost everything composed by cables, gears and/or software. I am a Ham Radio Operator, AMSAT and LU2DT member, Sound & Streaming Operator, Full Stack Radio Producer, and a coffee and mate drinker too.

Fully automated self-made streaming station. It broadcasts its programming 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Programming related to science, art and technology, and a variety of music mainly focused on genres derived from electronic culture.

Our own Android App is available by downloading an installable apk directly. If you have a previous version of, uninstall it before download the newer version.

Find us at Listen 2 My Radio

You can hear us on Listen2myRadio mobile, by clicking

All terrain Radio Station Links:  Link 1    Link 2    Link 3   Link 4

I am an experimental technical-artist that loves all the branches of Electronic Music genealogy. In my productions influences of grooves such as Techno, House and Electro can be detected, although my songs may be tagged into an unsorted Electronic Music Style.